The pointers from the Community Shield final!

Another day, another final(well at least technically), another trophy- the story of a club that has become a trophy magnet over the course of the last two decades. While the trophy that was being fought for might itself be insignificant in the larger scheme of things but this game for Manchester United was about sending down, rather hammering down, a message to the bitters from the blue side of Manchester.

After another summer of big money purchases by the oil-backed Man City, the hoopla surrounding the Community Shield had consistently been on the up, their fans had been gearing up for what was going to be the long awaited dethronement of Man Utd from their trophy laden mantle and City were supposed to replace them. What followed in the game was another one of a long line of embarrassments for the Eastlands club on the pitch. United hammered them and a scoreline of 3-2 is quite flattering to them, for one side was distinctly superior on the day. And as they say, every moment is one where you learn new things and this one was no different, you would learnt new things or reaffirmed old beliefs, here’s a look at some of them (City fans can start to turn away right now).

5. City are still chasing United’s shadows.

Football’s Rule 1- Never count Manchester United out. If you do, well, you just do and have to take the mighty delicious humble pie later. They just don’t give up, never have and never will(atleast not until Sir Alex’s hair dryer is still functional). And this game was no different, having played the better football for the best part of the first half, United conceded twice, eventually trailing 2-0 at half time having it all to do the hard way. What unfolded after the break was an all too familiar story, a youthful looking United side with an average age of just 22, ripped Man City to shreds after the restart leveling it all up at 2-2 barely 15 minutes into the half. Nani would go on to score the winner. 3-2. City left to rue what might have been, still firmly in United’s shadow. Its United who are still the regal force in Manchester.

4. van der Gea isn’t. Just David de Gea.

A big price tag and the colossal duty to replace one of Man Utd’s all time best goalkeepers. The going was always going to be tough, and for all the friendlies that he might have played to camouflage him from the pressures of the big time, this was the big test in the here and now, and what’s already evident is that he has to ameliorate to step up the next level, a level that the United fans have grown accustomed to during the Edwin van der Sar era where the goalkeeper(VDS) and blunders became as bitter enemies as Man Utd and Man City are. David de Gea has to come good and become more mobile with his movements, sooner rather than later.

3. Rafael has captained Man Utd to more trophies than Fabregas has with Arsenal

On the clock- 72 minutes, and it was one of those curly haired twins coming on, Rafael is what the officials say(but Man City fans have since been whining that it was Fabio seeing a pass from his left foot). Evra hands over the armband and Rafael like the enthusiastic kid that he has always been, puts it onto his own shoulder. Some forward runs, a couple of tenacious tackles and 20 odds minutes later, Rafael had led United to their first title under his youthful leadership, lessons to be learnt for Fabregas and Arsenal who’re still looking to break their duck? A professor from the University of Arsenology has already started writing down his thesis on what must be done.

2. The future hinges on thinking ‘Cleverley’

Wesley Sneijder, Luka Modric, Samir Nasri, Lassana Diarra, and some 72489561 other players who’ve been linked to decipher and unriddle the Manchester United midfield puzzle, have all been sent a message by one Tom Cleverley. And not just them, the transfer muppet in a whole lot of fans has been abridged by some silky one touch play and passing by the boy who ‘Cleverley’ reminds us of what’s to come in the future. And that isn’t all, he runs and he runs, and doesn’t mind being a badass going around stifling, tackling and dispossessing people. At Man Utd, the future is Cleverley, and that is all that matters, at least for now.

Being clever is in being Cleverley.

1. Help Aguero get a new house. He’s looking for 2 up, 3 down.

It was the day that the new lad $ergio Aguero was supposed to shine, it was going to be his debut but it wasn’t to be as he stayed on the bench. The reason? Well the boy could not find a house for himself to live in, he struggled around and wandered some 60 miles through the length and breadth of Manchester but couldn’t find himself a house. City officials are fuming at finding out that Manchester is red and replete with United agents. Care to find him a new place, would you? He is said to prefer a place 3 down the United street.

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