The morning after and where to now United?

Done in by Barca AGAIN!

Less 24 hours ago, most of the Manchester United contingent and the fans were full of optimism and before them stood a chance to claim their fourth European title and for Sir Alex Ferguson to win his 3rd Champions League title matching the likes of Liverpool’s former great Bob Paisley, elevating Sir Alex to heights of unquestionable greatness from the perspective of Man United fans and rivals alike.

Forward to little less than 24 hours and the optimism, excitement and the underlying confidence has been cruelly replaced by unending disappointment and despair of having lost to Barcelona again for the second time in 3 years in a European final. The disappointment of having been battered by Barcelona again, the ignominy of having repeated the mistakes of Rome ‘09 and having to climb up those uncountable stairs to get your loser’s medal despite having been one step from glory. United had finished second best again, and as Shankly famously once said, “If you’re first, you are FIRST, if you’re second, you’re nothing”. United have to strive to ensure that they don’t let this happen, to rise and come back to challenge for continental glory again.

United having come so close can either be affected and go down or in classic Sir Alex style, come back and come back hard, come back to redefine everything that has been written about them. Rise to conquer the crossroads where everything they want will collide with everything that’s standing in their way to glory. Rise to conquer history and not being history.

And come back from this defeat they shall have to, for Sir Alex has no second measures, there is no better man in football to get you back on track, to make you overcome the disappointment and build for the future endeavours that shall surely involve further cup and league conquests. There is no man who can do this quite like our wily old gaffer, and we can hope, rather BELIEVE that the man is going to come back stronger than ever before. Summer signings may follow, most importantly that of a goalkeeper to replace the legendary Edwin van der Sar, to remould and strengthen the team, but Sir Alex has been there, done that and there is every reason to BELIEVE that he’s going to get us back to a European final in the near future and that time, get us one step further, to the title, to redemption of having won it finally after two falls at the final hurdle.

But one thing’s for certain when its all said and done, despite this defeat, the proud Mancunians and the United fans world over are still going to be there for the team and come what may, still shout out loud at every United game and shout out loud with pride supporting England’s most successful club in history-

United, United, United!

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